Simon Ekpa is disputed by IPOB regarding a 5-day stay-at-home in Southeast

The Southeast's planned sit-at-home order, which is scheduled to take place between December 9 and 14, has been rejected by the Indigenous People of ().

Simon Ekpa, a self-described follower of IPOB leader , reportedly announced that a sit-at-home order would be implemented on December 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14 in order to stop the collection of Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs).

His earlier declaration that the upcoming general elections would not be held in the Southeast may have had some bearing on the decision.

In response to the order issued by Ekpa, IPOB asked the residents of the area to disregard the order and emphasized that it was not a part of the directive in a statement released by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful.

The group urged locals to go outside and collect their PVC without being intimidated in any way.

The secessionist group claimed that some agents were funding Ekpa in order to spread “unnecessary hardships and insecurity” throughout the area.

According to the statement, “Every Biafran and resident in Biafra Land should ignore such orders from untrained and brainless individuals whose agenda is to make Biafra agitation unappealing to our people.

“During this crucial time of the year, when people are trying to make up in their businesses for the year, the IPOB cannot issue such a callous, heartless, five-day consecutive sit-at-home order to punish our people.

“A Nigerian agent and his sponsors planned a series of five consecutive days at home to display their level of wickedness and hostility toward our people.

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“How evil! Once more, everyone has the right to go to their polling and registration centers and pick up their PVC without being harassed. The shoddy elections in Nigeria have nothing to do with IPOB, which never engages in election boycotting.

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