Terrorists aren’t giving us a chance to breathe, says Benue – CAN

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Rev. Akpen Leva, the chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria's () State Chapter, reminded the state's residents on Saturday that the murderous herdsmen have not ceased attacking residents without cause.

BROOMHOME remembers that on Thursday of last week, suspected massacred 15 persons in the state's Logo Local Area.

Through his Director of Media, Samuel Tyav, Akpen Leva responded on Saturday with a statement warning state people not to sleep with their eyes closed because daredevil terrorists are not prepared to allow them a breathing space.

He claimed that because armed herdsmen terrorists have continued to assault state citizens without justification, now is not the time for people to fall asleep with their eyes closed. He continued by saying that the purpose is merely to slaughter the communities' defenseless residents.

He urged the state's citizens to seek out legal measures of defending and protecting themselves in such a situation.

He urged security personnel to act quickly and arrest the murderous herdsmen so they could face the full force of the law while denouncing the unjustified attacks and fatalities in the affected communities.

He praised Governor Samuel Ortom for his quick response to the attacks and urged him to keep his attention on ensuring the safety of the people's lives and property. He also expressed his sympathy to the other families of the victims as well as the Vice President of the NKST church, Rev. Asongo Adure, the pastors of the NKST Mchia and Mou, and the Vice President of the NKST church.

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Rev. Leva urged Christians in the state to recommit themselves to prayer as a conscious means of seeking God's face for supernatural intervention and for the general sense of unrest in the state and nation.

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