The controversy of Tinubu’s certificate has given non-Nigerians the impression that Nigerians are dishonest and identity thieves, according to Peter Obi

Mr. , the candidate for president of the Labour Party, LP, has asserted that the certificate saga involving President Bola has further damaged Nigeria's already tarnished reputation in the eyes of the international community.

At a press conference held on Wednesday in Abuja, Obi delivered his remarks.

He claimed that the certificate problem involving Tinubu has had an effect on the typical both inside and outside of the country.

According to him, misinformed foreigners have the perception that every Nigerian is a con artist, certificate forger, and identity thief. He said this is because of recent events.

“To the outsiders, the entire Chicago University matter, as well as Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu's many other lingering identity question marks have further worsened Nigeria's less-than-glorious image internationally,” Obi added. “This is particularly true with regard to Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu's many other identity question marks.”

“People who are not familiar with Nigeria have the misconception that every Nigerian is a con artist, a certificate forger, and an identity thief. The dispute is completely pointless, and it would have been possible to avoid the implicit humiliation on a worldwide scale.

According to the gospelcable, this comes after the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (), Abubakar, had gained the release of Tinubu's education records from the Chicago State University, CSU, through a subpoena against the revelation by the President. Atiku Abubakar was running against Buhari, who is the incumbent president of Nigeria.

The papers that were made public, the first of which appeared earlier this month, demonstrated that Tinubu's 1979 certificate from CSU, which he had provided to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, was distinct from samples of the certificates that the institution had awarded to students in the same year.

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