The ICRC is appalled by Gaza’s horrific human suffering

The ICRC said 's human suffering after the Israeli military-Hamas conflict escalation is unbearable.

The ICRC told gospelcable on Saturday that conflict in the region must be deescalated for humanitarian missions.

After weeks of fighting between Israel and Hamas, nearly two million civilians were stranded in Gaza with nowhere to go, according to ICRC.

The Humanitarian Organization urged all sides to respect civilian lives.

Healthcare, water, and electricity in Gaza must be restored urgently to save lives, according to the ICRC.

It said that saving lives and preserving mankind requires safe medical operations.

“I am appalled by the inhumane human suffering and urge the parties to deescalate. The civilian deaths are appalling. Gaza's inhabitants have no safe spot amid overwhelming bombardments. While under military siege, no humanitarian response is feasible. The world must tolerate this tragic failure, said ICRC president Mirjana Spoljaric.

Israeli and Hamas losses increased in early October as the Gaza battle progressed.

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