The President’s Lawyer, Afolabi, Explains Why Tinubu’s CSU Certificate Displays the Gender ‘Female’

's attorney, Wole Afolabi, has suggested that a mixup at Chicago State University is the reason why Tinubu's certificate reads “F” designated for a female. Afolabi is the lawyer for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

During an interview on Channels Television, the question was asked of the lawyer why the President's certificate bears the letter “F.” The lawyer responded with this statement.

“An F. was listed on the transcript that Southwest College made available to me. It was very obvious. Every single one of the other details did, in fact, correspond to information about President Bola Tinubu. Now, an interview with the registrar was conducted to find out the reason for the differences. He stated that the person who applied for admission to the school checked the box indicating that they were a male rather than a girl, and that the admission letter was sent to Mr. Tinubu.

When Dr. West Brown was asked about it, he responded that it is not unheard of for universities to get their facts mixed up. West Brown has attended a number of prestigious educational institutions. Afolabi affirmed that the possibility exists.

In response to the inconsistencies that were found on the signatures, Afolabi explained that certificates were not given out at the time of graduation unless a student specifically requested them.

He also mentioned that it was possible that the individual who issued the certificate that Tinubu gave to the Independent National Electoral Commission was not a student at the university in 1979.

Abubakar, the presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party in 2023, is contesting Tinibu's victory in the . As part of his challenge, Atiku Abubakar filed a petition in the United States District for the Northern District of Illinois, which ordered the Chicago State University to give Tinibu's academic records to him. Tinibu is contesting his victory.

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In response to this, a previous representative for Atiku, named Segun Sowunmi, stated that they did not know for certain whether or not Tinubu attended Chicago State University.

“We have it on record that they are running left and right and cannot own the certificate that says he is female because it contradicts what they are doing,” On that certificate, there is a social security number that is associated with a woman's name. What evidence do we have that he attended the school?


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