The reason Delta is funding agriculture: Deputy Governor

Monday Onyeme, Delta State’s deputy governor, has disclosed the rationale for the state government’s investments in the agriculture industry.

In addition to being a tremendous source of labor, he continued, the government wanted the state to serve as the nation’s food source.

During a courtesy visit to his office in Asaba, Onyeme disclosed this information to members of the Coalition of Delta State Farmers, headed by Mr. Loveday Takim, and the state chapter of the Poultry Farmers Association of Nigeria, led by Chief Eric Tomfawei.

“Our administration is giving agriculture a lot of attention because it is the largest industry and the most sustainable business that can pull Nigeria out of extreme poverty; it also provides the majority of jobs for Deltans,” the official stated.

The deputy governor pointed out that rather than competing with developed nations in the field of technology, Nigeria has a comparative advantage if it focuses on growing its agricultural industry.

“We could improve our agricultural industry and conveniently compete with them in that area because God has blessed us with good soil and abundant landmass,” he stated, “but we cannot compete with the technologically advanced nations of the world.”

Let’s face it: if we don’t advance our agricultural sector, as a nation we will never be able to compete with the West in the information and communication technology arena, where they will always be miles ahead of us while we try to catch up. However, in the field of agriculture, where God has blessed us with good land for cultivation and where our seeds and water are sufficient for production, we can match or even surpass them; all we need to do is focus our energies where we are strongest.

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“Our administration will make every effort to guarantee that we progress agriculture in Delta State and establish the state as a focal point of reference within the federation,” he continued.

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