The Upcoming 2025 Club World Cup: Everything You Need To Know


According to FIFA, and Manchester City will compete in the new 32-team FIFA Club World Cup in 2025.
The inaugural FIFA Club World Cup, involving 32 teams and teams like Chelsea and , will be held in the United States of America.

For years, there have been plans to increase the competition, and on Friday, FIFA announced the locations of the new event.

In December 2022, the decision to abandon the existing 7-club structure was made, and FIFA President Gianni Infantino said it will be “like a World Cup.”


The FIFA Club World Cup currently features the champion from each continent's championship.

Four of the twelve seats available to UEFA for the future season will be awarded to the four most recent Champions League champions, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester City, and the champion of 2024.

There is a cap of two clubs per country, while the other eight will be determined by the European Coefficient Rankings.

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