There are politicians with nefarious intentions behind the rumor of my return to Germany — Akeredolu

The Governor of Ondo State, Oluwarotimi , has dispelled rumors that he intends to go on another medical vacation in Germany. These rumors have been going about claiming that Akeredolu plans to go.

The Governor of Ondo State called on the people of Ondo State and Nigerians in general to disregard the misleading and false statements in a statement that was distributed by his Chief Press Secretary, Richard Olatunde.

According to Akeredolu, the erroneous statements were being spread by politicians who had hidden agendas.

The Governor, who had been away from the nation for medical treatment for the last five weeks, has expressed his displeasure with the people who are spreading the falsehoods, referring to them as “evil-minded politicians” who are unhappy with his return to the state. The Governor has been back in the country for the past five weeks.

He stressed that his government has been successfully running without any disruptions, and he maintains his firm commitment to serving the people of the state in his capacity as governor.

“The story that's going around is completely false, has no basis in reality, and is nothing more than a fabrication concocted by politicians with ill will.

“As far as we are concerned, we are dedicated to addressing the legitimate concerns of the citizens of the state. Because of this, the Akeredolu administration places a high value on progress in the economy.

“Governance is not about showbiz, where the governor embarks on fashion parades at the market square to announce his presence in the State.” “Governance is not about showing off.”

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“We are aware of the significance of development as the primary impetus behind a peaceful, prosperous, and equitable society.

“The government of Governor Akeredolu has repeatedly shown that it is dedicated to the progress of the State.

As a recent evidence of our dedication to improving the quality of the state's healthcare system, he gave his approval to the recruitment of medical professionals and healthcare workers.

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