To earn $10 billion and empower youth, I’ll sell all of Nigeria’s refineries, says Atiku

Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party's (PDP) presidential nominee, revealed on Monday how, if elected president in , he will generate $10 billion to empower Nigerian youth.

In order to empower Nigerian youths, Atiku promised to sell the country's four oil refineries.

At the start of the PDP's gubernatorial and presidential campaign rally in Lagos State, he made this announcement.

Atiku added that the PDP's candidate for governor of Lagos State would put a stop to a certain family's supremacy.

“If I'm elected, I'll give kids 10 billion dollars to invest in employment for them, and people have been questioning how I'll acquire the money,” he declared.

“We would receive $10 billion if I privatize the refineries in Warri, Kaduna, and Port Harcourt to empower Nigerian young. You have been ruled by a single family for the past 23 years, but the PDP wants to alter that.

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