TOO BAD: Tragedy As Bandits Fire on Worshippers in a Mosque

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At least 13 worshippers were massacred by on Friday during a raid on a mosque in the Ruwan Jema town of State's Bukkuyum Local Government Area.

Only three weeks had passed since 44 worshipers were kidnapped from a mosque in the Zugu hamlet in the same local government region.

After receiving a ransom payment of N5 million, the armed men freed the believers a few days later.

The local government's administrative center, Bukkuyum town, is located 15 kilometers to the east in the community of Ruwan Jema, which has previously been the victim of horrifying assaults. Millions of naira in levies had also been paid by the community's citizens to bandits.

Usman Lawal, a local, was quoted in the dailytrust story as saying,

“The armed criminals invaded the mosque as the faithful were praying during Juma'at when they lay siege. We were watching the final Rakaat when they abruptly began firing. Chaos broke out as everyone fled for their lives.

“They started shooting at the worshipers, instantly murdering at least 13 individuals. A stampede also harmed dozens of additional people. A number of residents were also killed by the armed criminals who were hiding in the nearby bushes. The occupants' remains are being removed from the farms, and a funeral service was planned for today's evening. Still being taken from the jungle are bodies. Some of the injured patients are responding to care in hospitals in Zamfara and the neighboring state of .

According to Dailytrust, SP Muhammad Shehu, the state police command's spokesman, had not returned calls to his cell as of the time the report was filed.

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