We are not aware that ISWAP attacked our staff or vehicle in Ondo

After the dreaded terrorist group claimed it had hit officers in the state, the State Police Command confirmed that it had not received any reports of an attack by the Islamic State West Africa Province, or .

The organization claimed that “soldiers of the caliphate” attacked police officers in Ipele, Owo Local Government Area of the state on Friday after making their presence in the South West known.

The terrorist group did not say specifically whether a police officer died in the alleged strike.

The state's commissioner of police, Oyeyemi Oyediran, claimed that he had not been informed of the terrorist incident.

ISWAP attacked the St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo in June, resulting in about 40 fatalities and 70 injuries.

Since then, some of the offenders have been detained.

This is the first time ISWAP has made a public statement about its presence in Ondo State since the event on June 5.

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