Why I got into a fight with the Arsenal coach after our 1-0 loss — Kyle Walker explains his actions

Kyle Walker, a defender for Manchester City, has provided an explanation for what led to the altercation that occurred in the tunnel after their 1-0 loss to in the .

Gabriel Martinelli's goal in stoppage time at the Emirates determined the winner of the close contest.

As the players departed the field in north London, tensions rose after the game. Walker and Erling Haaland were among those who appeared obviously enraged as they exited the field.

During his time spent on England duty this week, Walker was questioned about the incident, and his response was, “I don't like losing. Nico, who works for Manchester City, did not want to shake hands with us after one of our victories over them in the past few of matches.

“After we were defeated, he approached me and offered to shake my hand, which I did not take in jest. It's as easy as that.

“I have been focusing on England, but I will probably reach out to him, definitely. I am certain of that.” I will admit that it was perhaps a little bit excessive.

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