Zamfara: Modi says bandits are now more strong than the government.

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Alhaji Mohammed , a trader and native of State, bemoaned the state's alarmingly high rate of homicides, abductions, and injuries to defenseless inhabitants.

It is unclear exactly what these want, Modi said in an exclusive interview with GOSPELCABLE in Gusau, the state capital. He also noted that all attempts to get them to reason and give up their weapons have failed.

“The State has opened conversation with the bandits to encourage them to accept peace, but they have rejected the government's attempt toward reconciliation.”

Anyone in the state is currently terrified to move about, even during the day, for fear of being killed or abducted.

He claims that despite taking a number of security precautions, the state administration has been unable to stop the evil deeds.

He bemoaned the fact that despite the security personnel's best efforts, it appears that the terrorists are more well-organized and potent than the state's security services.

Modi continued by saying that the federal and state governments must identify the sources of funding for the criminal groups functioning in the state if they are to put an end to all killings and kidnappings in the state.

“Until the federal and state governments come to their senses by outing the powerful individuals responsible for the banditry operations in the state, none of these security measures will ever be able to fix the problems.

As you can see, a lot of businesspeople are moving quickly to other states because of the unrest, and you cannot hold anyone responsible for fleeing for their lives.

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“I just learned that some police officers were slain in the state's Shinkafi axis in what is believed to have been a retaliatory strike after the Nigerian Air Force bombed their camp in the region last week.

Also in the state's Bagega district's Anka Local Government Area, it was reported that bandits had broken into their weekly market and stopped businesspeople from engaging in their legal endeavors.

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