Bode George: There’s no guarantee Atiku will unite if we can’t unify the PDP. Nigeria

According to Chief of the Peoples Democratic Party, there is no assurance that Atiku Abubakar, the party's presidential nominee, will be able to unite Nigeria once he becomes government ().

During an appearance with Politics Today on GOSPEL CABLE, George talked about the party crisis.

On Wednesday, several Wike team members pledged not to join the Atiku campaign council until Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, the party's Nationla Chairman, resigned. However, Atiku declared that he would not persuade Ayu to resign.

According to George, who was speaking on the TV program, “Our candidate has this onus; he declared that he is a unifier. What assurance do we have that he will be prepared to unite our nation when he gets there if we can't even unify our party at this little level? If not, you will be discussing the constitution.

He claimed that when representatives of Lagos State were nominated for the campaign council, he was not consulted.

Was I consulted over the nomination from Lagos State, he continued? Were all the other folks consulted, too? Good luck to you if you decide to do it alone. These are the things that we have observed, and we have now determined that we must inform the public if they do not want us to take part in the national campaign.

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