Difficulty: Seyi Law, Tinubu, and I will still vote in another election tomorrow

Oluwaseyitan Aletile, better known by his stage name , is a comedian and actor from . He has stated that, should a new be held tomorrow, he would still support President Bola , regardless of the country's economic situation.

Rather than risk his children's future by eating meat and drinking wine while enslaved in Egypt, he would prefer to accompany “a Moses through the wilderness to Canaan” in light of Nigeria's present economic woes, he said, drawing parallels to the Israelites' time in the desert.

“While many Nigerians destroy the hope of others through animosity and the desire for instant satisfaction, it is unfortunate that our government agencies are failing to convey government agendas, initiatives, and activities clearly,” Seyilaw wrote in a recent lengthy post uploaded via his X handle.

Instead of expecting the federal government to provide “everything,” he said that Nigerians should go to their own state governments with their needs.

“Rather than relying on borrowing money to live on a better now,” the comedian stated, “I would rather we reset, rebuild, and sustain our future than revert back to full subsidy on fuel and exchange rates.” This means that any central government could easily appease the multitude.

Seyi Law answered his critics, saying, “if another election was held tomorrow, I would still vote Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,” in reference to his unwavering support for Tinubu's administration despite the severe economic crisis.

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