How Apostle Johnson Suleman is said to have proposed to actress Halima Abubakar, even though he was already married

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and are still fighting, and it doesn't look like it will end soon.

The actress has been giving the priest a hard time for allegedly torturing her while she has been stuck in bed because of their fight.

Halima has been making fun of the Apostle on Instagram ever since she came back after a long break. She has also threatened to reveal more secrets if anyone tries to scare her.

Halima said that she met the well-known minister of God when he was a divorced businessman with three kids. She went on to say that they were no longer together and had been for 11 years.

Halima showed more screenshots to back up her claims and convince those who didn't believe her.

Since the big news, the actress hasn't left her bed.

As a sign that they would hold the priest responsible if anything bad happened to her, her family members dropped hints that she got sick from him.

“Johnson Suleman imodu. If something bad happens to our sister, you'll be in trouble.”

Still on the topic, Halima's manager, who has been taking care of her Instagram page since she got sick, has given more information about her relationship with her boyfriend.

She promised Halima that she would always be there for her and told her that the Apostle had proposed to the actress when he gave her the ring.

“I am not my sister. I am her manager, so let's be guided pls. At least people are still something. I'll stand by her side. I'll stand up for her. We all care about her. Johnson Imodu, we'll see you in court. You gave my sister ring for God's sake”.

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