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Walmart Files Lawsuit Against Snoop Dogg and Master P for Subverting New Cereal Brand

In a lawsuit, the rappers claim that the cereal company and large box store worked together to prevent Snoop Cereal from being sold and instead kept in storage.

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Snoop Dogg and Master P, two rappers, have sued Walmart and food manufacturer Post Consumers Brands, claiming that the companies prevented their minority-owned cereal brand from being sold in stores in order to prevent it from being launched.

Broadus Foods’ Snoop Cereal was introduced in 2022 by Calvin Broadus, well known as Snoop Dogg, and Percy Miller, better known as Master P.

They set out to build a family-run business that would diversify the food industry.

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Then, in an effort to get Snoop Cereal into as many stores as possible, Broadus Foods contacted Post Consumers Brands. The State of Minnesota District Court in Dakota County is where the 34-page lawsuit was filed.

It states that Post had previously attempted to acquire Broadus Foods, a company based in Los Angeles. However, when this plan was rejected, Post went on to form a collaboration and promotional deal with Snoop Dogg and Master P.

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