An adviser to Governor Sule is being questioned by a committee of the Nasarawa Assembly over allegations of palliative diversion

The committee in the State House of Assembly that is looking into the alleged diversion of palliatives has called in Governor Abdullahi Sule's Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Nawani Aboki, as well as Mr. Bello Akoza, the Overseer of Ekye Development Area, to testify before them.

The summons was handed out on Monday by Mr. Abel Bala, who serves as the Chairman of the Committee and Deputy Speaker of the House. At the same time, other council Chairmen appeared in Lafia for questioning.

Aboki and Akoza are to appear before the committee on Tuesday morning at ten o'clock, as per Bala's instruction.

They were asked to clarify their role in the distribution of a palliative that was supposed to mitigate the effects of the termination of gasoline subsidies in the area.

The chairman stated that the committee is dedicated to carrying out an in-depth inquiry, and as a result, the summons is required.

He issued a stern warning to anyone who was found to be complicit in the diversion of palliatives, adding that they would be held accountable by the committee in the event that they were found out.

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