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Omokri slams the idea that a pathetic desperado could ever become the president of Nigeria. Tobias Peter Obi

Reno Omokri, a sociopolitical pundit, stated on Wednesday that the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate for 2023, Peter Obi, will never be President of Nigeria.

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Omokri called Obi a pitiful desperado in response to the former Anambra State Governor’s world press conference on the ongoing certificate crisis involving President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Omokri made his comments in response to the press conference.

During the press conference, Obi stated that the world will perceive Nigerians as fraudsters, forgers, and identity thieves due to the claims that Tinubu forged his certificate; as a result, Tinubu should reintroduce himself to the world. Obi’s comments were in response to the fact that Tinubu was accused of falsifying his certificate.

Omokri wrote via X that he is adamant that Tinubu attended Chicago State University. [Citation needed]

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“Peter Obi is nothing more than a pitiful desperado. Therefore, the international community now considers people from Nigeria to be dishonest because of the bogus charges that President Bola Tinubu did not attend Chicago State University. That’s it?

“When President Obama was the subject of baseless charges that he was not born in the United States, the rest of the world looked at all Americans as liars, right?

“A male named Bola Tinubu was accepted to Chicago State University, where he later went on to study and earn his degree. I went there to check it out for myself. This is correct. Accept it and move forward.

You fabricated an accusation and now you want to place the responsibility on the person you lied about? Your well-documented acts of corruption at Pandora did not bring disrepute on Nigeria; but, this does.

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“Peter Obi, you will NEVER hold the office of President of Nigeria.”


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