Timaya embroiled in controversy over stolen music

In an alleged case of song theft, the cultural music group United Boys Culture has criticized the popular singer .

After hearing Timaya's new single “Dey Your Dey,” the group asserted that the band had sampled their work without authorization.

The band's leader made a personal plea to Timaya in a video message posted to their TikTok profile, urging the singer to cease copying their ideas and samples. The leader highlighted that Timaya had plagiarized another song by the group, “As E Dey Sweet Us, E Dey Pain Dem.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to see our brother, Mr. Timaya,” he stated. Etche, Rivers State's United Boys Culture is under my direction.

The song “Dey Your Dey” was originally written and recorded by us. I beg you, you are aware that the song has been popular since last October. Please contact us before making any changes to our music.

However, you proceeded to rework the song anyhow. Remaking “As E Dey Sweet Us, E Dey Pain Dem” in that way without our consent is how it became known. Please don't mess with our music. Mr. Timaya, I implore you. It is said

Timaya has not yet commented on the claims.

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